Uphill Jeep Driving GamePlay:

Uphill Jeep Driving is an entertaining driving game with 10 certain missions in which you won’t explore the world with your car but you have to complete several tasks to advance in the game. Each level requires you to meet a requirement. In the beginning, there is only level 1 unlocked. Other 9 levels are locked. You must finish the first level to unlock the second one and more.

At y8 games unblocked, you have to pick up 2 guests at the foot of the mountain and transport them to their location within 90 seconds. You will see the green sign shown the position that you have to reach to finish your mission. Transport passengers from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom and much more. You will never get bored with various experiences and missions to enjoy. Stay focused because you will face many obstacles along the way. There are barriers appears on the road such as cans, flipped cars, rocks and more.

Besides, this side of the road is the cliff and another site is the mountain. So, you not only have to avoid these dangers but also control your speed to keep yourself safe. Otherwise, you may fall down the cliff or cause an unexpected accident. On y8 game new, everything can happen. It’s better to be careful from the beginning. And look after your energy bar, if it drops to zero when you crash into somethings, you lose.

Let’s see what is your best record of time in each level. remember that a ton of games is available on our site. So, don’t forget to check out Tommy Tow Truck Puzzle and Russian Uaz Offroad Driving 3d


Arrow keys to drive

Spacebar to use the handbrake.

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