Martian Driving GamePlay:

Mars seems to be a place where no creatures live. However, when you landed on Mars and roam around to discover this place, many mysterious creatures are coming to you. You have to get rid of them to save your life. But how? In Martian Driving at Y8 games 1 player, you don’t have any weapons. Your only company is an offroad vehicle. Then, you can drive your car straight to each mysterious creature and smash them before they approach you and harm you.

Basically, this is a driving game in which you use your car to kill hostile martian creatures. They will come to you. So speed up and hit them so badly until they no longer move. One by one, you kill until no one exists on Mars, except you. You’re under the attack of 100 creatures. They slowly walk toward you. They seem to be harmless but watch out, they are not friendly at all.

This is an open world, then you can keep moving to discover other areas of Mars. You aren’t locked in a close space like other games on http://y8y8y8.games/. Once you kill all enemies in the current place, make sure you move to other places to have more kills. Besides, the great feature of this game is that you don’t have to refill fuel or finish the mission with a given amount of time. Then, just drive and smash some aliens whenever you want.

Enjoy the freedom that the game offers and after you get tired of discovering Mars, let’s play other options for free such as Sky Track Racing Master and Furious Road.

How to play:

WASD to drive

Space to brake

C to change camera.

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