Pixel Hunting.io GamePlay:

Pixel Hunting.io is a fun hunt game that sets up in a pixel world like Minecraft if you have heard of this game before. The look is similar but the feeling is different. You won’t build or create things here. Instead, you embark on a hunting journey. Here at y8 shooter games, 12 levels full of fun await you to explore. In each level, you have to hunt down a certain number of animals and specific types of animals as well within a limited time.

Only when you have achieved the 2 requirements, you can move on to the next level and discover what is hidden in it. Are you excited to explore something new? So check this out and you will find it different from the ones you have played on http://y8y8y8.games/. Moving around to find your prey and approach them in a suitable range. Then you can aim and shoot without making any mistakes. Aim at their head to defeat them quickly.

One interesting feature of this game is that it doesn’t offer you several guns to choose from. It means you don’t have in hands any guns. You have to pick up your weapons before you begin. Remember that your main objective is to hunt a specified number of animals in a certain amount of time at each level. You will see the requirement when a level is unlocked.

Don’t hesitate anymore. An enjoyable adventure is waiting for you. Let’s start. After a day of hunting, you can entertain yourself with other choices of games such as Kart Fight.io and Gun Night.io.


F to pick up items

Shift to run

Mouse to aim

Left click to shoot

WASD or arrow keys to move.

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