Pixel Slime GamePlay:

The platform game is never old. People still look for them a lot and ant to discover a new thing in each game. Get ready for a new game that has just been added to y8 boys games. It’s called Pixel Slime. Do you always play some platform games about rescue the princess? This time is different. There is no storyline here. You just have only one goal is to stay alive through 40 levels filled with obstacles and challenges. Be well-prepared because this game is extremely hard.

It requires you to stay focus and have a fast response. Why? Because deadly obstacles are everywhere and just a second of carelessness, you die. Our cute little slime auto moves. You control it jump to overcome obstacles. Because you have no control over its speed, it is difficult to act accurately. On http://y8y8y8.games/, take action too late or too soon also got you in trouble.

Each level looks simple and easy as it requires you to conquer some obstacles but doesn’t let it fool you. You have only one life and keep it safe is not easy. To unlock the next level, you have to stay safe from the beginning to the end of the current level. You don’t have any power-ups to help you like other games and you can’t upgrade your strength and so on. Stay away from spikes, avoid falling off the edges and go from level 1 to level 40. Good luck!

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Tap to jump.

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