Slime Rush TD GamePlay:

Have you ever played slime in real life? It’s fun and it helps you relieve stress, right? However, in Slime Rush TD, the slime has mutated. They become aggressive and plan to take over the world. They start with your kingdom. Here at Y8 games, you have to stop them and defeat them before they materialize that plan. How dare do they attack your land? Let’s teach them a lesson. You have 4 powerful towers but at first, just 2 of them are available. You will unlock the other 2 towers as you advance.

You will place these towers onto the strategic slots on the way your enemies come. You have a certain amount of coins to buy towers in the beginning and with that amount of coins, you buy 2 or 3 towers. You earn coins by defeating slime. You can upgrade the existing towers to increase their strength. Besides towers, you get help from the meteor. It’s a power-up item and you have to wait after calling meteor before you can use it again.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you can’t stop slime and they enter the gate, you lose your HP and fail. That means you get to play that level once again. The more you level up, the more challenges you face as slime gets stronger each time. Some slimes can be killed with one hit but some slimes can’t. That’s why you should upgrade your towers whenever you can, whenever you have enough coins.

Just by doing that, you can defeat slime monsters later on. Dozens of levels filled with joy and challenges are waiting for you. Check it out and after that, don’t forget to have a look at other games such as Adam And Eve: Cut The Ropes and Fall Friends Challenge


Use your mouse to place the towers.

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