Pixel Smash Duel GamePlay:

The faster one is the winner in this life-and-death battle in Pixel Smash Duel. It’s a chaotic fast-paced retro-pixel battle game at Y8 2 players where you have to defeat your opponent if you want to survive. You and your opponent have all kinds of weapons to smash and crush each other. There are 5 rounds in a match and you have to win at least 3 in 5 rounds to become the winner. This is a fair battle and the final result depends on how fast you are.

You can kill your opponent in 2 ways. One is to shoot him, throw axes at him. In short, you use weapons. Another way is to push him out of the ring. Your luck also plays an important role. Sometimes, it seems you lose but you can change the tide of the battle in a moment. It’s hard to guess the result of each round. It's not entirely accurate to say that you take up arms, aim, and take down your opponents at https://y8y8y8.games/ because you don't have complete control over attacking and dodging attacks.

You play the game by continuously pressing 2 control buttons until the winner is decided. You can choose to compete against CPU in Single-mode or face your friend with 2-player mode on the same device. It’s much more awesome when playing game with a friend. However, it’s still enjoyable and competitive when your opponent is CPU. A match doesn’t last too long. A match may end only after a few seconds if you know how to seize the opportunity.

Good luck and enjoy your free time here. You know what? There are so many games that are worth your time.  Mr Noob jailbreak and Towerland for example.

Instructions: W and E.

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