Towerland GamePlay:

Towerland is finally available at Y8 boys games for all players to play online without installing the game. It’s an engaging top-down shooter game that has attracted the attention of many PC and mobile gamers and now, you can enjoy it through your favorite web browser. The game is about Towerland – which was a peaceful land until Diablot – an evil monster appears. Many people lost their lives and left their homeland because of this monster.

Many years ago, a lot of brave heroes tried everything to destroy the monster but failed. Now, bringing peace back to this land is your mission. As a brave knight, you will come to the last floor of the tower where the monster lives and fight against it. It’s not easy to approach that monster. Before you have a chance to fight against it face to face, you have to deal with hordes of its minions. They are in every room you walk into. You have to move while attacking them.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, you don’t want to stay still for sure because monsters will come close to you and torture you, kill you in different ways. You have to dodge the enemy's attack whether it's a close-range or a long-range attack. The deeper you go into the castle, the more challenges you face. That’s why you should focus on upgrading your attack, attack speed, speed, HP, and attack range. To buy upgrades, you spend coins that you collect from killing enemies in the battle.

The game features 3 modes and now only one mode is available. The other 2 modes will be updated soon along with a lot of new additions. Enjoy it and have fun in Zombie Catcher Online and Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up.

Instructions: WASD to move and arrow keys to shoot.

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