Zombie Catcher Online GamePlay:

Zombie Catcher Online is an addicting zombie shooter game in which you’re a zombie hunter and now, you are doing an essential mission. It’s to wipe out zombies from this world. Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, zombies are hiding everywhere. To catch them, you need to bait them with brains. Locate the zombie hideout, drop the bait and wait for your target to appear, then shoot at them immediately to prevent them from escaping or attacking you.

The game doesn’t require you to clear a mission within a certain amount of time but right after you land, let’s start. The sign that a zombie is hiding there is a black-yellow skull icon. Bait each zombie with a brain, then wait until it appears. You will need patience. they will not appear immediately. They seem to be watching to see if something is wrong before jumping out and devouring the brain. Shoot at them and they will be caught.

There is one important thing that you should remember in this cool Y8y8 game is that when you drop a brain in the wrong place, you can retrieve that brain by jumping on them. You can bait more than one zombie at the same time or one by one. Don’t forget to collect coins while doing the mission. Although you don’t need to collect every single coin, you should collect some to upgrade the important stats including Gun speed, jetpack speed, reload, and run speed. Upgrading these stats helps you catch zombies more effectively. It’s a challenging yet fun zombie-catching journey.

Have a great hunt and watch out for deadly obstacles that can take your life away anytime if you’re not careful. Enjoy it and other fun games such as Street Mayhem - Beat Em Up and Impostor Assassin.

Controls: Right/left arrow keys to move, up arrow key to jump, down arrow key to bait, and Space to shoot.

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