Puzzle Love GamePlay:

Puzzle games are always amazing for all ages to play. By solving puzzles with different gameplay, players not only have a great gaming time but also get a lot of benefits such as improving memory and problem-solving skills, releasing stress, and more. If you are looking for such a game at kids games, then Puzzle Love is an amazing option for you. It is a sliding blocks puzzle game in which you meet a boy and a girl who are separated by blocks.

Your main job is to open a path for them to reunite. Some of the first levels can be easy because you will move the block in a 2x3 grid. As you advance, the challenge level increases and some obstacles will appear. You will have to spend more time on solving the puzzle. In the playing grid of each level, there is an empty slot. You have to find the best way to make use of that empty slot to move the blocks and help the boy meet the girl. You can move the boy and the girl as well. On some levels, you have to move both of them but on some other levels, you just need to move only one person.

There is no specific tip to solve each puzzle. You can find the solution while playing. Sometimes, some moves can send you to a dead end. Don’t give up. Restart that level and find another way to go. A puzzle may have several solutions. Keep trying and finally, nothing can stop you from helping those guys meet each other. Have fun and enjoy more Y8y8y8 puzzle games such as Demolish Derby and Captain Gold.

Instructions: Mouse.

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