Demolish Derby GamePlay:

Demolish Derby is the ultimate destruction derby for those who love chaos and destruction mixed with car racing. Your main goal is to become the last survivor in each round. To reach it, you have to destroy other cars coming to you. Everyone who appears on the battlefield has only one target and they will try hard to achieve it. Right after the battle starts, lock your very first target, then speed up and rush toward it. Hit the target from the side instead of face-to-face. This tactic makes your rival lose the most HP while keeping yourself safe.

Watch out for other rivals while you are attacking the current target because they may take advantage of that moment to eliminate you. Drive, steer around, and quickly change direction to reach the target or avoid being hit. For a win, you get coins as the reward and later, you can use coins to upgrade the Damage, Health, and Income of your car. Upgrading is important because it makes you stronger to deal with stronger rivals in the next rounds. Besides, you can unlock many new skins for your car as well.

Do you agree that the simple act of smashing two cars against each other makes you satisfied? Here at kids games, you can find a lot of games in which you can bump into your rivals to destroy them and win and this option is a must-play one. It will keep you hooked after the first battle. Get ready and enjoy every gaming moment on our site. Make sure that you will dig deeper into our game collection to find out your favorite ones. New Y8y8y8 car games are added daily. While waiting, check out the following option: Captain Gold and Snake Blockade.

Controls: Arrow keys.

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