Super Friday Night Funkin GamePlay:

What do you usually do at weekends? Are you free from work or do you keep working? Let’s relax with exciting parties. A music party is about to start in Super Friday Night Funkin at Y8y8. Do you want to join? Here, you’re in charge of playing music at the party. What you need to do is to press the same buttons as the signs flying up from the bottom of the screen.

However, do not press the buttons right after the signs appear. You need to wait until each sign reaches its slot at the top of the screen. Otherwise, you miss and your mission fails. If you have played audition games before, this one has quite similar gameplay. However, instead of pressing the buttons to dance, you do the same thing to play music. There are several levels and you have to finish the current one without any mistakes to unlock the new one.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, it’s easy at the beginning but as you progress, the signs fly at higher speed and you find it hard to press several buttons at once. Your hand-eye coordination is put to the extremely difficult test. Your reaction ability must also be fast enough to catch up with the music. This game is fun to play but it’s a true challenge. It can make you give up after the first try but it also keeps you hooked and make you play until all levels are unlocked. A party wouldn’t be fun without music, right?

Enjoy your weekend with music and games that you can play for free on our site. Just visit anytime and choose the games you want to play or check out these options: Heart Box and FlapCat Christmas.

Controls: Arrow keys to play.

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