Arabian Night GamePlay:

Sometimes a puzzle game is a great choice to opt for if you want to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time. Arabian Night is the latest puzzle game on y8 games free. It’s a Tic-Tac-Toe game in which you just need to use your brain. It looks simple but also challenging. The rule is easy to understand so everyone can play. 2 players compete against each other in a match. Each match ends until the final winner is found out.

There are 2 modes for you to choose from which are Easy and Hard mode. After choosing a suitable mode, the match officially starts. One player is represented by O and another is represented by X. You and your opponent take a turn to put O or X on the 3x3 grid. To win, you must create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row with 3 O or X icons, representing you. Besides, you also have to block the way of your opponent. Look carefully before taking a step because you can lose or win after a turn.

Here at http://y8y8y8.games/, connect three markers on any straight lines to become the winner. There are many possible ways to win. Remember that if your opponent has 2 markers in a row, you must immediately block it with your marker. If the game ended in a draw, you keep playing to find out the winner. Who is the better player? Is it you or the computer?

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Click to put your mark on the grid.

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