Adam And Eve Night GamePlay:

How many Adam And Eve games that you have played at y8y8y8? No matter you have played all games about Adam And Eve or you haven’t played any ones, let’s try Adam And Eve Night – an amazing point and click adventure game for Halloween. It’s all about the journey home of Adam who was supposed to be sleeping on a warm bed. And guess why he was in a dark place at night. He was sleepwalking and when he wakes up, he was there.

Let’s put the reason aside and help Adam find the way to go home because he really wants to return home and have a good sleep. So it’s your mission. This game differs from other Adam And Eve games in that it takes place at night. You and Adam must grop through the night to find their way home.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, because it’s a point and click game, you solve the puzzle by clicking on the object. To complete your mission, you have to observe and find everything possible to help you go ahead. The solution won’t appear clearly right in front of your eyes. If it does, there is nothing fun. So the game doesn’t offer hints or any help. You must rely on your observation skills and your brain to find the solution. You and Adam will deal with many obstacles and scary creatures along the way.

Keep calm because haste and fear will not solve the problem. Eve is waiting for her husband. Adam and Eve count on you. Have fun and if you look for more interesting games like this one. Here are some options for you: Shift Run and Millionaire Quiz HD.


Use your mouse to help Adam.