Adam and Eve Go Xmas GamePlay:

Who doesn’t want to get a present on Christmas? Maybe, there is no one. Especially, in Adam and Eve Go Xmas at y8 game christmas 2020, Adam and Eve has prepared for this Christmas but they are a little short of presents right now. Look outside of their house and they see tons of presents scattered everywhere. Adam will collect them for Eve and he needs your help because it’s not easy as many dangers seem to be out there to wait for Adam.

In this new installment of the famous Adam and Eve series, you have to solve the puzzle and guide Adam go through tons of obstacles to collect all presents and bring them to Eve. Instead of using a point-and-click puzzle concept, this is a combination of puzzle and platformer game. You don’t have to collect every single gift but try to collect as many of them as possible. On the way, Adam will face many challenges and puzzles.

You have to solve the puzzle to get the important items and keys to advance in the game. On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 3 lives in each level and each time you hit any dangerous animals or fall into the gaps, you lose a life. You can earn more lives at each level. So make sure you take action carefully and observe before making a move. Eve is really happy when she saw Adam come home with a bundle of presents in his hands.

Join Adam and Eve on Christmas this year and let’s have a party together. Besides this game, you have many choices on our site to play. Have a look at Adam and Eve Snow and Mango Mania.


Use arrow keys to control Adam.