Adam And Eve: Astronaut GamePlay:

Adam and Eve – a series of fun point and click puzzle game always bring joy for all players around the world with a fun story, enjoyable gameplay and easy to understand the rule. Now, Adam is back in a new version called Adam And Eve: Astronaut with a new story and missions. Here at y8free games, after many years, he realizes that his dream is to become an astronaut and it’s not too late to chase this dream. And he decided to make it come true right now.

However, he can make it alone without your help. Use your skills and intelligence to solve all the problems that Adam deals with in the journey. It’s a point and click puzzle game so you don’t have to perform many actions like other games. Just click or tap on the items to unlock the door, build a bridge or create a car to help Adam go through each stage. Finally, he can reach his dream.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you interact with all the objects you found in the scene and use them to find the way through each stage. Your final goal is to find the rocket engine for the spaceship. Solve every tricky puzzle and go to the final. Whether Adam succeeds or not, it depends on you. Simple but enjoyable, this game is a great choice for those who find something easy to play but entertaining.

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Point and click by using your mouse.