Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost GamePlay:

Do you want to meet Adam one more time? Let’s play Adam And Eve: Adam The Ghost – the latest sequel in Adam And Eve series at Y8 free games. Here, Adam has become a bad guy because he pisses off right now. He has to find a game to entertain himself and he will scare people around the world. However, he can’t succeed without your help.

Like other installments of this famous series, it’s a point-and-click game. Each level is a puzzle that you have to solve to reach your goal. You have to find a way to approach your victims and scare them. With familiar mechanics, you click on different items and objects around you to finish each level. Of course, you can’t solve the puzzle by clicking randomly. You have to click on the items in the right order.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, with 14 levels with the difficulty increases over time, you will deal with the huge challenges. You have to make use of your brain to figure out how to make each person scream in fear. Let’s sneak up on children, nuns, tourists, and more and jump out to scare them. There is no hint here and you can only move to the next level if you complete the current one.

The game counts each time you click or tap. Less click means you are a genius in scaring people. Do you like the new role of Adam? He does it just for fun and he doesn’t mean to harm anyone. You should know that. Have fun with him and don’t forget to check out more games here such as Lab Escape Online and Pixelkenstein 80s Time.


Click or tap to solve the puzzle.