Pixelkenstein 80s Time GamePlay:

How many platformer games have you played? It’s hard to count, isn’t it? Now here at Y8 fun games, you are introduced to the latest platform adventure game called Pixelkenstein 80s Time. It brings you back to the 80s in a pixel world where you play as a Pixelkenstein and your main goal is to pull the oil lever. You may ask why he needs to pull the oil lever. No one can tell you why and you don’t have to care about it.

Instead, just stay focused on how can you help him to make it. Because it’s a platformer game, you have to run and jump to overcome a series of obstacles to reach the end, then pull the oil lever to finish the level and move to the next one. Basically, there aren't many types of obstacles here. You will mostly have to jump through bottomless deep holes. If you fall there, your life ends and you have to start that level once again.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you have 60 seconds to start from the beginning to the end. If time runs out and you are on the way, the game is over and you have to do the same thing as you fall to the deep hole. There are some shallow holes as well. However, it’s safe to fall into shallow holes. You can jump over or go through those shallow holes without getting any damage. Don’t forget to collect as many diamonds as possible even though diamonds play no important role in the game.

Keep in mind that the difficulty level won’t remain the same. As you move on, you find it hard to complete your mission. However, you can do it. Break a leg and have fun in the beautiful pixel world. After conquering all levels of this game, let’s take a look at other choices such as Fall Days and Tricky Track 3D.


Move and jump by using Arrow keys or WASD.

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