Tricky Track 3D GamePlay:

Another enjoyable game with a simple concept has arrived at Y8 games arcade. It’s called Tricky Track. Its name tells you some information about the game's content. It’s about the race. The first round is designed to introduce you to what you have to do to win in this game. From level 2 or higher, you will race against one opponent. You not only have to run forward to the finish line firstly to win but also have to beat the obstacles. Different obstacles are there to stop you. You throw the ball at the target to both clean the obstacles and active the obstacles to stop your opponent.

Of course, your opponent also uses the same trick to defeat you. Whoever is faster will win. Besides, another thing that affects your results is the way you throw the ball at the target. You have to adjust the angle and power to throw the ball and do it at the right moment.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, only when you win will you be able to proceed to the next round. If you lose, play that level once again is what you have to do in that case. Throw the ball at the target is what you have to do. Hit the target not only to make your track easier to pass but also make your opponent harder to move on. The difficulty level will not stay the same throughout the game.

The more levels you play, the higher the challenging level. You must be ready for it. Have fun and make sure you test yourself with new challenges in other games such as Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack and Samurai Flash.


Left click to throw the ball.

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