Drink Drive Survive GamePlay:

Have you ever driven when drunk? Drunk driving does not only endanger yourself but also threatens the lives of other road users. With daydreaming mind, you can not control the speed and direction, so that unexpected accidents easily occur. Drunk driving is strictly prohibited in real life but you can try if you want in a driving game called Drink Drive Survive.

As its name, your main goal at y82 player is to survive as long as you can while driving when drunk. It’s dangerous and not easy to drive when you drink. Traffic accidents easily occur even if you do not drink alcohol. So how do you survive drunkenness? What would happen when you drink too much and get behind the wheel? The answer can be found in this fun game. Keep yourself safe and keep other people safe as you dodge vehicles and try to control your speed.

On y8 game new, you can sober up a bit by collecting coffee along the way. As a warning, this game can cause dizziness and nausea. Leave the game whenever you have these symptoms and return to the game to experience more. If you aren’t careful, sooner or later you will crash and die horribly and those around me are also affected. This game offers different driving experience, both fun, and challenge. therefore, it is well worth the time to experience. If you get sick of it, you can change and enjoy other choices of games in our huge collection.

All games are free and many new ones are added every day  Snow Fast Hill Track Racing  and Driving Force 4 are 2 of the best that you should try first.


Use your mouse to drive.

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