Heart Box GamePlay:

Professor Rat bought a robot yesterday and this robot needs to charge to function. However, no one in the lab connects it with the charger and it needs your help. It seems that everyone is busy, then they forget about the robot. Here at Y8y8 games, your main objective is to solve different physics-based puzzles to charge this robot. The point is that the robot is far away from the charger and you need to help them get close to each other.

Specifically, you have to make the robot drop right into the charger and vice versa. To reach that goal, you click on the objects to remove them and make use of different properties to complete every single puzzle. These physical objects are dynamite, laser, bowling ball, switch button, fan, conveyor, and so on. Find out which object to remove first and how to use those items is not easy. However, you still need to figure out everything.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, in most puzzles, the robot is on top and the charger is on the bottom. You will need to remove objects so that the robot slides over the hearts and lands on the charger. However, in some other puzzles, the positions of the charger and the robot are interchangeable. You have to find a way to make the charger face down on the robot located at the bottom. Those puzzles are much harder. If you don’t know how to solve a specific puzzle, you can use hints but hints are limited.

So make sure you just use them if it’s necessary. The fate of the robot counts on you. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to check out other fun games such as FlapCat Christmas and Subaway Run.

Controls: Use your mouse to solve the puzzle.

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