Zumbar.io GamePlay:

Zumbar.io is a classic marble shooter that combines with some new elements. It brings you to a magical land full of treasures that you just want to collect all of them when you see them. Here at y8y8 game y8, just feel free to enjoy every game you want. It’s all for free and this time, let’s switch to something easy to play but hard to master like this one. Hurry up to collect all gems, rubies, emeralds, and more before they fall into the bottomless hold and disappear forever by matching there or more balls of the same color.

The frog in the center of the screen will help you reach your goal. However, the outcome depends on your decision and action. To prevent the colorful marbles rolling into the abyss at the end of the track at each level, your shooting speed needs to be faster than the speed of the moving marble lines. Otherwise, you lose and you have to play that current level once again to unlock the next one.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, as you level up, the moving speed of the marble line will increase. Besides, make sure you won’t shoot at the wrong target or you will make the marble line become longer. You get more scores when you shoot the last group of the same color marbles that stay far from the abyss. Don't be subjective because, with a few small mistakes, you can easily lose.

Marble shooter is fun and famous and you can bring back your memory about this type of game with this option while don’t forget to discover other games such as Tanko.io and DuckPark.io.


Mouse to aim and left mouse to shoot.

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