Horik Viking GamePlay:

Platform games are always the favorite genre of many players. It's fun, challenging and playable enough for those who want to find something to entertain online. Horik Viking is a game you must play if you like this genre. With interesting gameplay, eye-catching graphic, easy control, and 10 levels, you are sure to have the best gaming experience that you will never forget. At y8com, once you play the first level, you can't wait to keep playing until you reach the final level.

Each level is a different world featuring new challenges and obstacles that you have to deal with. With Viking style, you control a Viking hero with a heavy ax on hand, you jump over places and kill several dragons in your journey. Travel across the Nordic Valley to Odin star, you must be careful whenever you deal with an obstacle. Avoid deadly traps and kill dangerous dragons to advance.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, you also collect coins as achievement in the game. You can kill your enemy using your weapon or jump directly on them. Remember that you have only 3 lives in each stage. To unlock the new world, you have to collect enough 3 stars.

The game doesn’t offer limited time. So you should apply a strategy call slow but steady, then you can defeat the strongest enemies and overcome the most dangerous challenges. Good luck! There are many games as fun as this one on our site. You can try Wood Shop or Catch The Candy.


Left arrow key to run left, right arrow key to run right, X to attack, up arrow key to jump, up arrow key + X to make air attack.

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