Wood Shop GamePlay:

Wood Shop is an enjoyable game challenges your skills in carving a log and turn a chunk of wood into art. You are sure to have a fun and relaxing moment here. There are many levels and each level requires you to create art that matches the target shape.

At y8y8 games, this seems to be easy but it does not. You must stay focus and be extremely careful in detail to make a perfect creation as required. Basically, at each level, you have to go through 3 stages. The game offers 3 choices of chisels with different tips including a flat one, a round one and a pointed one.

Each suits a certain task and your job is to make the right choice. You will see the outline of what you have to create and make sure you carve as closely as you can to the outline. Don't carve too much or too little to make sure you have the highest rate of accuracy when comparing the product with the original version. After making the right form, you have to sand off and do a little repainting.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, the matching system of the game then analyze and match your product with the original version and decide you are allowed to enter the new level of not. You are not under the pressure of time or move, so let's play the game at your own pace. So, enjoy your time here and boost your mood with other choices of games such as Push It and Sort It 3D.

How to play:

Use your left mouse to carve the log.

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