Neon Catapult GamePlay:

Neon Catapult is a beautiful neon version of Angry Birds. Mostly player knows have has ever played this famous game for sure. The game just arrives at y8 skill games use the same concept of Angry Birds but it gives you a different gaming experience. Birds are replaced by neon balls and pigs are replaced by targets. Your mission is the same. You have to break all targets in each level to unlock the next stage.

There are 30 levels in the Easy mode and 30 levels in the Hard mode. So, you have 60 levels to conquer. With a simple drag and drop control system, you can easily pull the slingshot to shoot each neon ball at the targets. However, it’s not easy to make the targets break because those targets are placed in different positions and you have to adjust the strength and the angle of each shoot in a suitable way to break as many targets as possible with a shot.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, it’s fine if you fail several times because you have 10 balls in each level. As soon as you shoot down all targets within that number of balls, the current level is complete and you can move to the next level. However, try to use as few balls as you can to earn extra points. To make it, you should make use of the TNTs if they appear at that level. Shoot the ball at TNT and the surrounding objects including targets will blow up. Then, you will save some balls.

Like other games, 30 levels in each mode increase the difficulty level as you level up. Have a great time and test yourself with new challenges in other games such as Lumberjack River Exit and Stair Run.


Adjust the strength and angle of each shot by using your mouse.

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