Lane Rush Pro GamePlay:

It’s time to play something new and fun at https://y8y8y8.games/ Are you ready to drive your car on a very busy highway? Are you good at driving? Show off your skills by conquering every single level in Lane Rush Pro now. It has quite the same gameplay as most endless runner games out there in which you move your car among three lanes to avoid crashing into other cars and obstacles. The difference here is that you have a target to reach each level instead of trying to survive as long as possible.

Here, your car automatically moves ahead. You just need to navigate it to move to the right or left to avoid any unexpected accidents and collect coins. It’s both easy and challenging if you take action just a little bit late, your car will explode because of obstacles and as a result, you have to restart the level. Stay focused on your car and look ahead to get ready to deal with any obstacles in front of you. By looking ahead, you can time your action to avoid crashing into other vehicles and obstacles. In this y8y8y8 game, don’t forget to collect at least one star before you cross the finish line.

Driving along the chaotic highway is a challenge and not everyone can beat that challenge but you are sure to be one of them. Besides, you need to be always ready because as you level up, the difficulty of the game increases. Maybe the speed of your car also increases or more obstacles appear on the highway to stop you from reaching your goal. Good luck and have fun with other awesome games such as Highway Road Racing and City Ambulance Car Driving

How to play: Left and right arrow keys.

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