Neon Tile Rush GamePlay:

Neon Tile Rush is a super interesting game that requires you to clear a simple yet challenging mission which is to rush towards the finish line with a neon tile. It’s trapped in a dangerous maze. Here at Y8 com, let’s help it get out of there. All you need to do is to slide the tile to make it move in the direction that you want, collect coins and stars, and cross the finish line.

The tile will stop when it reaches the wall. The key is to choose the right path. If you make a mistake, the tile may crash into the traps and explode. Find a safe stop and move in the right direction. The game offers 30 levels and the maze becomes more complex and dangerous as you level up. It’s harder to find the way out but don’t be afraid to fail. You can correct your mistake by restarting that level.

Unlike most games at https://y8y8y8.games/ in which you have to collect at least 1 star to clear a mission, here, once you cross the finish line, the next level will be opened. Yes, you don’t even collect a single star or coin to complete a level. Just leave all stars and coins behind and rush towards the finish line, then you’re done. Coins aren’t used to buy anything in this game. That’s all about your mission and gameplay.

After the first level, you are sure to become a master of escaping from the maze. Finish 30 levels and let’s check out other fun games such as Up and Down Colors and Adventure Joystick Winter. Remember that new games are coming.

How to play: Arrow keys.

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