Up and Down Colors GamePlay:

Up and Down Colors is a cool fast-paced game that tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. It’s a super simple yet challenging game and it’s like other endless runner games that you may have played at Y8 games online. It means your ultimate objective is to go as far as you can. However, instead of moving among 3 lanes of the subway or street and running and jumping to avoid obstacles, you have 2 choices on your path: go up or go down.

You have to stare at the screen to move up and down accordingly to avoid hitting any obstacles. Your moving speed changes over time. It changes when you collect some items on the way and it changes as you proceed. Sometimes, you speed up, and sometimes, you slow down. Changing the speed makes it more difficult to avoid obstacles. That’s why you have to make use of your reflexes and hand-eye coordination to pass every single obstacle and collect as many useful items as you can.

Here at https://y8y8y8.games/, if you bump into an obstacle, you lose but with a shield that you collect, you will be safe from an obstacle. Yes, only one obstacle. One shield for one obstacle. Not only does your speed change but also the color of the world in the game. This can distract you and make unnecessary mistakes. Practice makes perfect work here. The more times you play, the better you are because you have already got familiar with the gameplay.

Good luck to you and don’t forget that so many exciting games are waiting for you to discover here along with new additions that come every day. Do not miss the opportunity to explore great games such as Adventure Joystick Winter and Om Nom Bounce.

How to play: Mouse or up/down arrow keys.

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