Icy Purple Head 3 GamePlay:

Icy Purple Head 3 is the third installment of Ice Purple Head puzzle game series. Now, it,s available at Y8 games online and welcome all of the players to come and conquer 40 puzzles. If you love puzzle games of all kinds, make sure you give this one a try. It’s both enjoyable and challenging. What you need to do at each level is to find a way to bring a purple cube to the box and deliver packages in time. The postman is waiting for the package.

Therefore, don’t hesitate anymore. Let’s start working now. So how can you bring this purple cube to the box? You can see everything is covered by snow and seem to be frozen. You can turn this purple cube into an ice cube so that it will slide down and land in the box. The key point is to learn to know how to take full advantage of this ability.

Sometimes, you need to turn it into an ice cube but sometimes, you need to bring our purple cube back to pass a certain obstacle. Like other puzzle games at https://y8y8y8.games/, you need to find out the solution for each puzzle. For example, when facing blue birds or purple birds, you have to match the color of the purple cube with them to avoid getting hurt. Purple cube is safe with the purple birds and the ice cube is safe with the blue birds.

The puzzles become more complicated as you level up. It’s ok if you fail. Just have another try and you will figure out how to solve that puzzle. Enjoy your time with purple cube and other characters in the following games: Bunny Graduation Double and Bhaag Santa Bhaag.

Instructions: Click or tap to transform.

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