Off Road Auto Trial GamePlay:

Driving or racing games will never let you down, especially with the hand-picked options that you can enjoy at racing games. Here, you can find a variety of driving games with different gameplay that require you to clear certain missions. And today, we would like to introduce you to one of the latest off-road driving games called Off Road Auto Trial you don’t want to miss it for sure. So, you should be ready to start your amazing off-road journey through Desert, Coast, and Arctic environments.

Buy your very first off-road car that costs $1,500 and pick a habitat to start your journey. Each environment offers 15 levels and you will start with level 1. To finish the first level and move to the next one, you have to reach the finish line with at least one star. You can collect 3 stars in one level. You are not required to clear a level within a given time or limitation. So, take your time to drive to the finish line. The tracks are bumpy and even rocky. Driving at full speed will satisfy you but driving at a slow speed will help you finish the track faster and easier.

Besides, your car will easily crash into obstacles on the way if you drive at high speed and can’t slow down before the accident happens. Once your car is flipped over or damaged, the only thing you can do is restart that level. Clearing every single level and game mode to get coins and you can use coins to unlock new off-road cars with better characteristics. Have a safe off-road journey and embark on a new adventure in other Y8y8y8 driving games such as Formula Rush and Extreme Blur Race.

How to play: Arrow keys to drive.

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