Sky City Riders GamePlay:

Sky City Riders is a cool motorbike racing game that brings you to the Sky City and challenges you with adventurous races. You will ride your motorbike on top of the skyscrapers. If you are afraid of heights, this game is not for you. Go back and look for another game on Y8 driving games. Otherwise, let’s start the show.

There are 2 modes to discover including Free Riding and Racing. You can jump in each mode and play alone or play with your friend. The second option is better because it makes the game more competitive. You guys can race against each other on the same device. Free Riding mode allows you to ride and mess around the Sky City without any limitations. You can collect 30 diamonds here used to unlock new skins for your beloved motorbike.

On the other hand, the Racing mode offers 10 missions that you have to finish within a given time. On https://y8y8y8.games/, you have to speed up and use nitro to cross the gap between two skyscrapers. If the speed is not guaranteed and you do not have enough momentum, you will fall. If you are in this situation, you will see how scary it is, especially for someone afraid of heights. However, you don’t have to start once over again if you reach the checkpoint.

Once you reach the finish line before time runs out in the current level, the next one will open. The challenging level is sure to increase. Be well-prepared for upcoming challenges. Jeep Driver and Mega City Missions are two enjoyable games that you should give a try.

How to play:

Player 1: Arrow keys to move and left Shift to use nitro.

Player 2: WASD to move and N to use nitro.

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