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Games for girls, games for boys and even games for kids, you can find them all at Y8 Y8 games. Today, let us introduce to you a great game for kids. Its name is ABC Game. The name of the game speaks partly of its theme. It’s about the alphabet and words. This game offers several benefits beyond entertainment purposes such as improve the ability to recognize images and typography and learn new words. The gameplay is simple.

The game displays 3 images and 1 word each time. Your main job is to match the word with the corresponding image. If your choice is correct, the new word will show up. Otherwise, you keep choosing until the right answer is revealed. There is only one correct answer to each puzzle. Kids can play by themselves or play with their parents. Parents can guide children to read words.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, this game is simple and it is designed to help kids learn vocabulary in a fun way. Children will be more interested in the alphabet and vocabulary if they are incorporated into the game. It is also a great game for kids in non-English speaking countries to learn English.

The game's graphic and visual elements are also appreciated. Pictures of objects and animals are colorful. This makes the game more engaging. It’s not the only game for kids on our site. If you enter the keyword in the searching bar or browse through the categories, you can find many fun games to play. Just feel free to give it a try. In each description of a game, some choices are suggested, and this time, why don’t you play Bomb Prank and Heroball Adventures?

How to play: Tap or click to match the word.

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