Blocky Looter Thief 3D GamePlay:

Blocky Looter Thief 3D puts you in an exciting mission. You will feel the excitement that you rarely find in other games. You may play as the police in some games at y8 games, right? Let’s change the role this time. You will become a thief who will break in some houses at night and loot. Drive your car to a house and start looting. However, you have to watch out some guards in the house. They will go around and check everything with a torch on their hand. They won’t let you go if you are discovered. So be careful and take action sneakily to grab tons of loots and escape from there successfully.

To get out of there, you have to get in your car and leave. However, each level requires you to steal enough things. These items are exchanged for money and you must meet the required amount at each level. On http://y8y8y8.games/, the guards go around and use a flashlight to check every corner. If you step into the light, you will be caught. However, you can hide in a box if you accidentally step into the light.

Be quick and hide, then wait until the guards walk away. After that, you can keep looting and escape when you steal everything. Remember that you don’t have to loot every single thing inside the house but you have to meet the requirement of each level. Check out the information at the upper left corner of the screen.

Otherwise, the next level won’t be unlocked. Don’t get caught and loot enough items. Enjoy the journey each night and make sure you won’t forget to discover other games such as Arkadium Bubble Shooter and Maze Twist.

How to play:

Use your mouse to control the character.

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