Soldier Bridge GamePlay:

Soldier Bridge is a minimalist game and it may be one of the simplest games ever that you can find at y8 arcade games. There will be 2 cases when you play this game: Firstly, you will get mad and give up right away; Secondly, it will make you more consistent and more motivated to overcome challenges. Which case would you fall into? Let’s talk about its gameplay.

Your main objective is to stretch a stick to build a bridge for your soldier to cross from this platform to that platform. That’s it. However, everything is random. There is no basis for you to lean on and build the bridge. You must determine the correct length of the stick to connect from one end to the other. That means that it all depends on how you feel. Simply build your bridge without any difficulty levels. Estimating the distance between 2 platforms is the hardest part here.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, it can’t be perfect when it comes to estimating how far is it from this platform to that platform. You may need to practice to capture the right feeling. The bridge is too short or too long also causes trouble. So how to play? As mentions above, practice is the best way to conquer this game. Play more and your performance will become better over time. Try several times and don’t give up too soon.

During the game, maybe you will find a way to help yourself achieve the best results. Good luck! Don’t forget to explore other fun games on our site such as Viking Dragon and Real Jungle Animals Hunting.


Click to stretch a line and release your hand to stop.

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