Plane Touch Gun GamePlay:

Plane Touch Gun is a fun game that combines survival and shooting games in one. The storyline is interesting. Enemy planes are coming to destroy your base and take your land. You must take down them before they take a further step in that plan. The rule and controls are simple.

At www y8, you just need to tap or click on each coming plane to shoot them. However, there are a few things that you should notice. Firstly, the enemy plane becomes bigger as they come close to you and you will find it harder to destroy them. You must shoot many times at the big ones to eliminate them.

Secondly, as the enemy place is still far from you, they are small and this makes you easy to destroy each plane with one shot. You just need to aim and shoot at the right time. You have unlimited ammo, so feel free to create a bullet rain on http://y8y8y8.games/. Finally, the number of planes that you destroy is your point. You have 2 lives and if you get shot, you die. However, the game offers you 4 boxed to choose from and one of them has an extra life.

If you luckily choose the one has a life, you can keep playing the previous session, otherwise, you have to play the game from the beginning. How long can you survive and how many enemy planes can you destroy? Play and enjoy your free time with this game and other options on our site such as Kung Fu Fight : Beat 'Em Up and Mr Toni Miami City 


Tap or click on the plane to destroy them.

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