Machine Gun Squad GamePlay:

The terrorists recently have been very blatant. They disregard the law and do not stop performing acts that are against the law. As an elite soldier, you volunteer to enter the enemy base and kill each one. That is your mission in Machine Gun Squad at y8 shooting games 3d. You play as an alone wolf who is not afraid to face any danger. And before you begin your quest, you promise to bring back victory.

All you need to do is to move forward, pass each cover, and shoot at any enemies that appear in front of your view. They cover themselves and sometimes they expose to move to another location. You should take advantage of that moment to quickly shoot them and kill them. They also attack you when you expose yourself. The key to conquer this game is a good combination of attacking and hiding. When an enemy is ready to shoot, you will see a circle above them. When this sign appears, you’re better to hide.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, if you get attacked too much, you will die when your health bar drops to zero. You can’t earn more HP during the battle. Besides, each level includes several stages. If you lose in any stages of the current level, you have to start from stage 1 once again. Luckily, you have unlimited ammo. So feel free to spray until your targets are shot down. During the game, you will earn coins and use them to unlock new weapons, skins, and upgrades later on.

In short, this game is fun and worth playing. Spend your precious time on it and it won’t let you down like other choices of games such as Idle Lumberjack 3D and X Parkour.


Drag your mouse to aim and release to shoot.

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