Zombie Survival Gun 3D GamePlay:

Another zombie shooter game has come to y8y8y8 games. Are you ready to deal with zombies? Zombie Survival Gun 3D brings you to a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. Here, your only and last mission is to defeat zombies. You are noticed that zombies are gathering in a building. You have to sneak into that building and defeat hordes of zombies. You are alone in this fight but you aren’t worried, are you? You are a skillful gunner. Besides, you have a variety of cool weapons to use such as Desert Eagle, FMG, Uzi, P90, and more.

The point is you don’t let zombies approach you too close. Otherwise, you will get hurt and run out of HP. You don’t want to restart a level too many times, right? Then, try your best to aim accurately and shoot at zombies right before they appear. Desert Eagle is your very first weapon. By killing zombies and clearing each level, you earn coins and you can use coins to unlock new weapons or upgrade your existing ones. Each gun has a different stat of fire rate, ammo, and damage. As you upgrade your gun, it becomes better.

You will lose the most health when reloading. You can move up, down, to the left, or right. You stay still. The only thing that can move is your gun. You face hordes of zombies in each level and after defeating the current one, you will move farther and deal with a new wave of zombies. Some zombies will rush to you. They are the most dangerous ones. With the ones who move slowly, you will have a lot of time to aim. Good luck and don’t forget to dig into other Y8y8y8 shooter games such as World Of Fighters: Iron Fists and Fantasy Madness.

How to play: Mouse to aim and left mouse to shoot.

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