Ski King GamePlay:

It’s cold and snowy. Is there a better game than skiing? Come to Ski King and prove that you are a true king of this winter sport. At Y8 sports games, you are challenged by 50 levels. Each level requires you to reach the finish line without any mistakes. However, you have to follow the rule if you want to finish the current level and unlock the new ones. The rule is that you have to pass every single flag on the way. You will see a chain of red and blue flags.

You have to ski through each of them. If you pass a flag from the wrong side, you will receive an alert and that level reset. It means you have to try again. It’s not easy to control your character, especially the auto-moves forward. You fail in timing just only one second and your skiing adventure ends there.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, when you succeed carve your way through the mountains and reach the finish line, you’re rewarded with some coins. Then, you can use coins to upgrade your carving skill, speed, and stability. Upgrading is important and you will have a lot of advantages from upgrading. Besides going through each flag as required, you also have to avoid trees, rocks, and different obstacles along the way. Just like ski in the wrong way, the game ends if you hit any of those obstacles.

Every 10 levels take you to a new destination. You have to finish all 10 levels of this destination to unlock the next one. Break a leg and don’t give up if you have to play a certain level many times before you succeed. Have fun and enjoy more games such as Jelly Worl and Jewel Curse


Left and right arrow keys to carving.

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