Jewel Curse GamePlay:

Ancient Egypt has many unexplored mysteries. Do you want to reveal some of them? Come to Jewel Curse and deal with an ancient curse. If you can remove this curse, you can bring tons of gems home. Here at Y8 games y8, this is a match-3 puzzle game with a twist in gameplay. What you’re gonna do here is to slide and match 3 relics with the same color to create gold squares upon the tiles. Turn all tiles with gold squares before the time bar runs out and you can move to the next stage.

As you move on, you deal with more challenges. It’s not easy to get those relics without spending time and effort, you should know that. The first challenge you face is row locker. It locks all relics on a row and these relics can only be moved vertically. The second challenge is the column locker. It locks all relics in a column and you can’t move these relics horizontally. The third challenge is red layers. You have to turn them into normal ones by slide and match 3 identical relics upon them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, that's not all. You will know which challenge is waiting for you by completing the current level and unlocking the next level. The 3 challenges mentioned above are just some examples of what you will come across. Make sure you pay attention to the time bar. However, you can refill it by sliding and matching 3 identical relics. So don’t worry much about it.

Besides, you just need one star to complete the current mission. This game is simple enough for children to play and fun enough to attract adults. If you’re looking for other choices, here are yours: Candy Crusher and Red Man Imposter.


Mouse to slide and match 3 relics.

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