Flappy Color Birds GamePlay:

Flappy Bird is a legend due to its challenging gameplay. Manu players around the world play this game don't because it's fun and enjoyable, but mostly to set a record that a few people can. It doesn't help you relax at all but makes you mad because you hardly get a high score.

Now, it's time to discover a new version of this famous one called Flappy Bird Colors at y8 2 player games. As its name, it has the same gameplay with the original one but related to color. You still have to fly through all obstacles. However, instead of fly through space in each column. These columns in this game divided into 4 colors and it means if you control a blue bird, you have to fly through the blue part. If you crash into other colors, your bird dies.

This game tests your react and flexibility. You have to tap or click smoothly to control the bird fly down low and fly up high to pass each column safely. On http://y8y8y8.games/, it's really hard to get a high score. You play and you will know. Make sure you don’t break your devices if you lose many times and can’t pass more than 2 obstacles, for example.

Be calm and try, and your score will be improved each time you fail or maybe not. So, if you like to conquer the challenge, you should test skills here. And refresh your mind with other ones such as Panda Hero Fighter and Troll Face Quest: USA 2

How to play:

Tap or click to control the bird.

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