Color Couple Bump 3D GamePlay:

You and your lover are separated at the ends of a bridge filled with obstacles. To meet her, you have to go through these obstacles. Find a safe way to keep your life safe until you reach her. Color Couple Bump 3D is a fun-addicting puzzle game that you may feel familiar because this gameplay formula has been used in quite many games that you can find at y8 unblocked games. However, let’s put them aside and stay focused on this fun game. There are many levels for you to discover.

As you level up, you can find it hard to conquer the challenges. To meet your girl standing on the other end, you have to go through the white objects. They differ in shapes and size. Make sure you just push the while ones because it’s safe. The other colors cause your death. Stay away from them. These obstacles are arranged in different layouts at each stage. Dangerous objects are interspersed with white shapes. So, you must be careful when you go through them.

On http://y8y8y8.games/, sometimes, you have to use the white object to help you sweep out the dangerous one to create a safe path. Take your time to open a way. Do not rush because there is no time limited. You are free to finish all levels at your own pace.

Be ready to deal with more challenging levels waiting for you ahead. Good luck! Enjoy more games added regularly on our site. Some of them are Light Rays and Merge Animals


Use your mouse to control your character.

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