Color Valley GamePlay:

Are you bored? No more boring time because Color Valley will cheer you up. Dive into the world full of magical spinning shapes and a bouncing ball, you will have hours of joy and relaxing moments. Warning: this Y8y8y8 games is simple but really challenging. You will be amazed by its graphics as well as its design. Various colorful spinning shapes stand out on a dark ground which makes it more impressive.

You will know what I’m trying to say once you play it. Like other games, your core goal is to get the highest score as you can. You control a ball by clicking or tapping continuously and try your best to pass through various different shapes. But the challenging point is that this ball will change its color after it touches the star that places inside each shape and these shapes are divided into several colors. Try it now!

You must guide the ball through same-colored shapes. That’s the point. Besides, the shapes are becoming more and more complex over time, so you will find it really hard after a while. Once you get a wrong move, the ball is explored. One more thing, you should keep in mind is that the noise from the exploring ball is really annoying. It can make you startled. That's a little warning. Have fun! Add more games to your favorite list with Color Switch online at kids games

Game Controls:

This game is playable on PC or touched-devices by using mouse or tapping.