Color Pixel Shooter GamePlay:

Color Pixel Shooter is a simple yet enjoyable and challenging shooter game that can help you entertain for hours. Instead of hunting wild animals in the forest or killing enemies on the battlefield like in other Y8y8y8 shooter games, your target here is a wide range of pixel characters. They won’t hurt you or harm you by any means but destroying them will keep you hooked for a long time. So, each level requires you to shoot down a pixel character with a cannon. Once that character is broken into small cubes, you can move to the next stage.

The challenging level won’t be the same from level 1 to the final level. However, the increasing difficulty is shown in terms of the size of the character. It means your target will get bigger as you level up and it takes more time to destroy it. With your basic cannon, you will need time to break it. To speed up the process, you should collect as many power-ups as possible. These power-ups will be dropped non-stop. With them, your weapon and cannon will be upgraded. Of course, their effect doesn’t last long but it’s enough to help you destroy the target faster.

Your cannon won’t shoot if it stays still. To shoot, you have to move it around. By shooting down a character in each level, you can get coins and accumulated coins can be used to buy new weapons in the store. With simple control mechanics and gameplay, even kids can enjoy this game. If you want to find such a game, so many options are waiting for you at kids games. For example: Text Talk and Captain Gold. Have fun!

How to play: Left and right arrow keys.

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