Text Talk GamePlay:

Boost your English vocabulary with a fun unscramble words game called Text Talk. It’s just like you join a game show and in each round, you are given a certain number of letters and you have to form a required number of words that that level requires from those given letters. Those given letters include consonants and vowels. Think about placing a consonant before and after the vowel to form a word.

Creating words that make sense isn’t simple. Find all the needed words to complete the crossword puzzle at each level. You will get coins with any bonus words that don’t appear in the required word list at that level. One word doesn’t need to include all the given letters. You can only move to the next round if you form all the words at the current level. Time is unlimited and it’s fine if you form a wrong word. You can start over without any punishment. This Y8y8y8 puzzle game offers more than 200 levels with increasing difficulty. You may find that the more letters you have, the harder to form a word. Don't forget to use hints whenever you get stuck.

A hint gives you a letter of a random word. You can get more hints by using coins that you earn from forming the word or by watching a short video. You can even shuffle the given letters to form the words easier. Puzzle games are always enjoyable to play, aren’t they? Crossword puzzle games not only help you develop your vocabulary and comprehension but also sharpen your mind. Let’s see how much time you need to clear over 200 puzzles. After that don’t forget to explore more games such as Break n Bounce and Cargo Ship.

Controls: Mouse.

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