Cargo Ship GamePlay:

Driving a boat, a car, or a motorbike and trying to win over other racers is too familiar, right? If you want to try something different, why don’t you play Cargo Ship? It’s a cool combination of ship driving game and a simulation game. It sounds weird, but it’s a great combination. Here at kids games, you will become a trade ship driver. Your job is to buy and sell cargo for money. Then, you use the money to discover other seas.

It means you can expand your business area. Besides, money is also used to upgrade the length, height, and speed of your ship. Upgrading increases the capacity, then, you will earn more money. You can collect red containers from broken ships or buy red, yellow, and green containers and sell them. Besides doing business, you will have a great time searching for great artifacts as well. Finding Poseidon’s trident is one of them. You will have to spend a lot of time exploring. Something mysterious and exciting is hidden under the cloud.

Can you find it? You can trade 1 trident for 1 gem and when you get 3 gems, you can open the gate to the Atlantic. Sometimes, you can get a treasure chest by expanding the active area. Those treasure boxes will give you a lot of coins. Are you ready for all of the hidden things? Don't worry too much because it will all bring you joy. What more are you looking for? You will find what you are looking for at our site and if you don't then it is very likely that those games will be added in the near future. Now, you can spend your free time on our available Y8y8y8 driving games such as Animal Run and Crazy Laundry.

Instructions: Mouse.

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