Crazy Laundry GamePlay:

Do you often do housework at home? What kind of household chores do you often do? Those are repetitive tasks. So, it's boring. The fact that not everyone wants to do housework but household chores should be done daily or weekly, right? And you will find it more enjoyable after playing Crazy Laundry at kids games. So, what is it about? You have a list of housework to be done here including washing dishes, cleaning the bathtub, helping the rubber duck reach the finish line without crashing into the boat in the bathtub, cleaning the mirror in the bathroom, and so on.

If you fail, for example, the duck hits the boat or you use the washing machine wrongly, you have to do that task again. You repeat those tasks from level to level but the difficulty isn’t the same. You will find it harder over time to finish the task. Harder but more interesting, this super simple game will bring you a great entertaining time. Besides, it’s a great educational game for kids. It teaches kids the simple housework that their parents usually do at home. Through this game, a lot of players may find the housework much more interesting than they think.

The quests can be repeated many times, but the difficulty will increase gradually as you level up. That’s why you won’t feel bored at all. If you are looking for a simple and easy but educational game for your kids, this one is a great choice along with other Y8y8y8 online games such as Tower Match and Nail Salon 3D. Give them a try and stay tuned to welcome new upcoming additions. Remember that you always find something enjoyable to play in your free time here.

Controls: Mouse.

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