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Heroes of Myths one of the top games. A mythical world will open for the players at y8games. Don't miss this chance and play Heroes of Myths.

This game is an excellent action game that fit everyone's liking, especially the boy. From the graphic design to the game's sounds and sound effects, all the characteristics attract gamers. I special overvalue the game's sounds; it increases the drama of the game. 

Inspired by the mysterious world of ancient Greek gods, the game takes its place as an ancient battlefield of Greek warriors who against the destruction of enemies. If you are a faithful, you may know that Parthenon, Erechthenon or Apollo are former temples and famous places where people worship the gods. Conclusion, these temples are scared and have high spiritual value on the life of the resident in here. So, as a hero, your primary job is to protect the spiritual values by guard these place and prevent it from the attack of the rivals. This army is crowded and strong. You can use 4 support forces, Each one will have a specific attack skill. Use them wisely in order to defeat the enemies.  

You can use the support of the gods. Don't forget that this support can change following to the god. In other words, switch the gods in order to experience more interesting power. By defeat the enemies, you will not only protect the holy temple but also gain more money. With this asset, you can upgrade your arsenal, your power or buy more soldiers.

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How to play:

Use the mouse to interact with the characters. 

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