Squid Fall Guy GamePlay:

Squid Fall Guy tests your hand-eye coordination and skills to a whole new level. You play as a participant in Squid Game and you join a new challenge here. Right now, you are being hung on the top between 2 towers. And each of your hands is holding a toilet plunger. When you release your hands, you will fall down. Your main objective here is to fall into the finish area. If you fall on the ground, you will be caught by the guards waiting for you there.

The fact that you can’t climb up. The only way to save your life is to fall down but fall to the finish line, not the ground. While you fall down, you will want to stop sometime. When you stop, the toilet plungers will suck the wall and make you stop. You should stop at the safe area. If you stop at the red area, you activate bombs and you will be blown up. This Y8y8y8 online game offers over 55 levels with increasing difficulty. As you advance, you will deal with more deadly obstacles on the falling way.

Watch out for them if you don’t want to die too soon. Be careful whenever you stop and keep falling. While falling down, you will see some stars, you can collect them and use them to unlock new skins for your character. However, don’t try hard to collect them. Collecting them at all costs will put you at risk. You don’t want to bet your life to get some stars, do you? Have a great gaming time here and check out other cool games at action games such as Stickman vs Aliens and Zombie Survival Gun 3D.

Instructions: Mouse.

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