Stickman vs Aliens GamePlay:

Stickman vs Aliens is the latest Y8y8y8 shooter game in which you control a stickman whose spaceship is attacked by aliens and now, you have to deal with aliens to rescue your crew and find out the alien’s plan. There are 50 levels with increasing difficulty. Your ultimate goal is to kill all aliens and alien eggs in each level. You have limited HP and bullets. Right after they appear, you have to shoot at them, then move forwards. A level is clear when all aliens are defeated and you reach the lift. The lift will take you to the next level.

As you level up, you will deal with more aliens and monsters. Watch out for spiders coming out from the holes in the wall. Here at Stickman vs Aliens, this game doesn’t offer any upgrading option or new weapons, or even power-ups. However, you can get more bullets while moving in the spaceship. Don’t ever miss the box of bullets. Otherwise, you can’t handle enemies later on. You can see how many alien eggs you have to destroy and how many bullets are left and how many health points you have. Interestingly, you don’t have to destroy all the eggs to clear a level.

You can leave some behind. What secrets will be revealed? What are the aliens planning? It’s hard to tell. You are alone in this battle. Do you have what it takes to defeat aliens, save the caption and rescue the spaceship? Roaming slowly and killing aliens when they haven’t come close to you. Right after you appear, enemies will rush to you. Then, you should be ready all the time. Good luck and after conquering all 50 levels, let’s give the following games a try Zombie Survival Gun 3D and World Of Fighters: Iron Fists.

Instructions: Arrow keys to move and Space to shoot.

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