Stickman Hook Rescue GamePlay:

Who is the hero that you want to become? What about Spiderman? Stickman Hook Rescue will give you a chance. Here at Y8Y8 game Y8, you will play as Sider-stickman who has to rescue a girl trapped by villains. Of course, this mission isn’t easy because villains will attack you and deadly traps are everywhere to stop your way. How can you handle all those dangers? There are 24 levels in total and each level requires you to reach the finish line to succeed.

In fact, you don’t have to rescue the girl to finish the current level and unlock the next ones. However, if you consider that rescuing the girl is one of your main objectives, your gaming experience will be better. Like Spiderman, you throw the rope to hang yourself and swing to avoid traps and move to the new destination. You have to choose the right time to act if you don’t want to fail and crash into obstacles.

On https://y8y8y8.games/, villains will shoot at you continuously. When you get shot or when you hit any obstacles, you will die and you have to restart that level. Which villains will you meet? Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, and Venon are the villains trying to kill you. Become the true hero and do what you have to do to conquer all challenges and missions, especially to save the girls. You can do it. Just hanging and swinging your way to the finish line and have fun.

Don’t forget to collect coins to unlock new skins in the store. There are so many interesting for you to discover. If you are too lazy to browse through each category, let’s give Pink Cuteman 2 and Pin Water Rescue a try.

How to play: Mouse to play.