Rope Rescue Unique Puzzle GamePlay:

Learn how to organize ropes to complete your new game in the world of Rope Rescue Unique Puzzle game at y8 co m new games . Everyone is waiting for your help in this game. They will escape the island by moving through ropes and avoiding jaggies that can crush them anytime. This game is more dangerous than ever. You will be surprised and want to unlock all the missions with tips and gaming skills that you have learned. When participating in new online games at our website, players are not bothered by ads or game loading speed.

The new journey forces you to think about how to arrange the ropes so that the people moving in this game will not die. Surely this is an interesting journey for everyone. What are you waiting for without playing the game right now? We are constantly bringing new games to the players to relax at unblocked y8 games. All the games are free and you love them throughout this journey. The most amazing games will attract game players around the world to explore. If you love our special game world, go through all the challenges and become the best player when unlocking all levels.

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How to play: Left mouse click and drag the rope in the most appropriate position then move to the last position to rescue the entire people.

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